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Monument Square Preservation Society

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Welcome to our web site!

The Monument Square Preservation Society is a non-profit organization dedicated
to educating the public about the historical and aesthetic significance of our city's monument. 

What better way to conjure up local interest in this marvelous Soldiers' Monument than to create an Adopt-a-Monument program! When an individual or group have a vested interest in something like this it creates not only a sense of duty, but a sense of honour and pride.


Here is how the program would work.  A single sponsor or organization can adopt the monument by agreeing to underwrite its' conservation and/or maintenance. In addition to their sense of civic duty, a certificate and a mention in a quarterly newsletter would be provided to the sponsor in recognition of their contribution.



The Restoration Goals:

• Apply waterproofing.

• Repair the freestone pedestal.

• Replace the old curbing with raised curbing around the monuments perimeter.

• Install an iron fence to surround the perimeter of the area.

• Post a  brass plaque engraved with the names of the area Civil War Veterans on the back-side of the pedestal.

• Provide crosswalks leading to Monument.

• Provide wheel-chair accessibility at back-side of monument.

• Post a sign at back-side of monument briefly describing its history, the artists, and those responsible for the erection of the monument.



Future Goals:

• Compile a book about The Soldiers’ Monument and Monument Square.

• Work with the local schools to promote local history using the Soldiers’ monument as a steppingstone.

What's New?

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