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Monument Square Preservation Society

Our Purpose

Our Purpose
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Organization Purpose

The Monument Square Preservation Society, a not-for-profit, all volunteer organization founded in 2006, focuses on preservation and conservation of the Soldiers' Monument at Monument Square – by sponsoring educational programs and activities, through research and publication of its history, and hosting  an Adopt-a-Monument program.  The Society has  commitment to these objectives:

• Monitor the Soldiers’ integrity.

• Maintain waterproofing.

• Maintain a website about The Soldiers’ Monument and Monument Square.


• Publish a quarterly newsletter.


Encourage, maintain and foster an interest in historical matters pertaining to the Soldiers’ monument and Monument Square.


To procure, preserve and restore historical data, artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, maps, equipment drawings, plans and other property and ephemera pertaining to the Soldiers’ monument and Monument Square.


Establish and maintain materials about the Soldiers’ Monument and Monument Square, collectively, at the North Adams Public Library (Pending permission).


Our Mission

The mission of the Monument Square Preservation Society is to

educate the public about the historical and aesthetic significance of our city's monument and to promote the understanding and enjoyment of our local history. To carry out this mission, the Society monitors the Soldiers’ integrity; collects, preserves, and exhibits important historical resources; and provides educational opportunities that engage the public and make history accessible and meaningful.

Monument Square Preservation Society   •   North Adams, Massachusetts