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Education is central to a prosperous, tolerant and civilized society.  I implore you to go to the Resources section of this website.  There you will find links to organizations and services available for your enlightenment.
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 •Attend a meeting of the city council or county commission.

 •Let your representatives know how you feel about issues that concern you about your city or town. 

 • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. 

 •Stay informed.


  If you care about Massachusetts, and are open minded to all potentials for the state's future, promote the Patriots for Liberty.

  It's very important that credible individuals mainstream the mission of the Patriots for Liberty to our people. Talk about it with your friends, form discussion groups and otherwise get the word out. Try to put a positive spin on it: Sure, we're all fed up with Washington, but let's work to put Massachusetts first because we all care about our liberty, each other and a future of justice and freedom for our children.


  Try to patronize Massachusetts-based businesses when possible.

Stop Real ID Now!

The Real ID Act of 2005 would turn our state driver’s licenses into a national identity card, infringe privacy, cost over $20 billion dollars, and impose major burdens on citizens, immigrants, and state governments – while doing nothing to protect against terrorism.

The 60-day commenting period on recently-published draft regulations offers a great opportunity to stop the Real ID Act in its tracks, by combining a national campaign to solicit comment with state-by-state battles -- Maine and Idaho have already decided not to participate.

The Stop Real ID Now! activism campaign will leverage social networks, events, and art -- with a goal of submitting over 100,000 comments, collaborating with the ACLU's Real Nightmare campaign and many other groups. Find out more their website ... and get involved!

More information is available at Stop Real ID Coalition

The latest on this Act. "Is your driver's license Real ID compliant? What air travelers should keep in mind."

The goal at is to help inform and empower civic engagement by providing easy to access information. What you see today is just the beginning. With your feedback and guidance they can continue to push the envelope of civic engagement.


About OpenMass

OpenMass brings together official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind what's happening in the Massachusetts Legislature. They are currently running in Beta mode. Their goal at is to help empower civic engagement by providing easy to acccess information.

OpenMass is modeled after, a free, open-source, non-profit, and non-partisan web resource with a mission to make Congress more transparent and to encourage civic engagement. They are working with OpenCongress to help expand their model to the state level.

OpenMass would not be possible without all of the tireless work performed by the Clerks Office in creating and maintaining the site. They also have gathered news and data from Google News, Google Blog Search and

Learn How the Massachusetts Legislature Works

The legislature is complex and sometimes incomprehensible. This basic overview can help make sense of the process: Lawmaking in Massachusetts.

Messenger of Truth
Public Outreach Campaign

The Messengers of Truth are volunteers who will go out to our communities spreading the word of our cause and helping to combat the ignorance that clouds the minds of our neighbors.
Messengers of Truth will also make themselves available at designated areas (a coffee shop for example) for the public to come to us.  This is less intrusive, however not necessarily the most effective means of public outreach.
Our mission is to engage people in constructive conversations and talk about our Liberty and what it means to be an "American."
Each Messenger will use a laptop to show a short presentation, and to aid in providing the facts to our neighbors.  A "kit" will also be provided which will contain various materials from data sheets; promotional flyers, buttons, bumper stickers; and helpful resources.
A permit may be required from your city or town.  More information to follow.
Questions to ask?
Those interested in volunteering, please contact me


Made in Massachusetts

Bartlett's Orchard , Four Generations of the Bartlett family have been growing, packing and shipping apples for over fifty years. Their fine trees produce an average crop of 20,000 bushels of apples every year on 52 acres of choice apple-growing land on Lenox Mountain in rural Massachusetts.
MASSACHUSETTS BUSINESSES, Presented by MassHome, "Your Online Guide To Massachusetts".
Massachusetts Maple Producers Association, are a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of maple sugaring in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Bay Trading Company is dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of Massachusetts and the quality of the products originating here. We have carefully selected a cross section of items that embody the quality and diversity for which the state is renowned.



             By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.