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Triple-Helix Space Colony


A United Nations funded space settlement. It contains the United Nations Space Command (UNSC) headquarters, and functions as the United Nations General Assembly.

It is also the largest immigration program sponsored by the UN's Alliance of Civilization.  Integrating people Off-world.  Encouraging space colonization and the human colonization of new worlds.    

Initial housing set for 400,000 permanent residents, with the capability of indefinite growth.



The "Triple Helix" Space Settlement

It is a varient of the torus or banded torus space settlement design.  Classical designs are classified by the "Cassini Curve" option they embody: sphere, cylinder, and rotation of a barbel. The Helix is a "Cassini Curve" option generated by the rotation of a barbel as it moves along a perpendicular axis. Just as the Sanford Torus space colony has a hub, the Triple-Helix has a hub-shaft. And just as the torus has supporting spokes connecting it concentrically to the hub, so will the helix, double or triple, have rhythmically spaced spokes to the central shaft.

While Nature uses the Double Helix, the Triple Helix design interweaves three open-ended tube strands.  Their time zones stagger by 8 hours allowing an equally privileged three-shift system for full 24 hour use of shared facilities.


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Taken from Glossary For Moon Miners' Manifesto









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