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New World Scriptures

1.  The New World Religion's bible.
  • Synopsis
  • Advisors and Contributors 
  • Essay: New World Scripture and Education for Peace 
  • The Purpose of New World Scripture
  • The Organization of New World Scripture
  • The World's Religions and Their Scriptures
  • Acknowledgements
  • Notes
  • Invocation
  • Prologue: Many Paths to One God
  • The Messengers of Truth 
  • Tolerance and Respect for All Believers

The New World Scriptures is divided into five volumes for a total of twenty-one chapters, each containing Passages. 

PART ONE: Ultimate Reality and the Purpose of Human Existence

PART TWO: Evil, Sin, and the Human Fall

PART THREE: Salvation and the Savior

PART FOUR: The Religious Life

PART FIVE: Providence, Society, and the Kingdom of Heaven










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This material is based on the WORLD SCRIPTURE A Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts It is in no way associated with this blog or story.  Nor is it to be implied to be the "New World Scriptures" or representing the "New World Religion," both of which are completely fictional entities created solely for this story.