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D.E.E.P. Enterprises

The D.E.E.P. Enterprises or D.E.E.P. (NYSE: DEEP) is a multinational American technology and services conglomerate incorporated in the State of New York. In terms of market capitalization, D.E.E.P. is the world's third largest company.

D.E.E.P. Enterprises is the leading force in deep space exploration. Founded in 2008, their headquarters are located in New York City,USA; Quebec, Canada; The Hague, Netherlands, and on the Logos Space Station, L-4 in the Sun-Earth System.

They have four major divisions, Aeronautics, Electronics Systems, Information Systems,  Global Services, and Space Division.

The D.E.E.P. Enterprises is a collaboration of business magnate's Elliot Darius, Stephen Edwards, Wal Emerson, and Grant Parsons.



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